Bedrosian Rugs New York

Bedrosian Rugs New York

Bedrosian Rugs New York

Bedrosian Rugs is a 90 year old company providing rug cleaning, rug hand washing, reweaving, fringe end replacement and mending of all types.  Company also provides carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning and upholstery cleaning for residential and commercial customers.

This company even does silk rug cleaning. This is a very special company that offers special treatment for those expensive rugs.

Bedrosian Rugs mobile carpet cleaning vehicles are equipped with the latest in self powered hot water extraction systems. We carry our own fresh water. Soil and dirt are removed back to our vehicle and taken with us. We make every effort to keep your home free of unnecessary noise and disruption.

Carpet cleaning and rug cleaning in New York and New Jersey.

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First Aid Services New Jersey

carpet first aid services

First Aid Services

First Aid Services is a family owned and operated company serving the Tri-State area.  We have been providing honest, top quality carpet cleaning services, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and water damage,  There is no a job “too Big” or ” too Small” for us to handle.

Friendly and knowledgeable office representatives will take their time and give you their undivided attention. making sure that you feel comfortable and that you received all the information needed.  We are known for high quality work which comes from experience.  Our certified, professional and well trained workforce is always ready to answer any questions or concerns that you may have, and come up with the best solution for your particular situation.  We pride ourselves in honest and helpfulness.

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